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Online Diet Coaching

Online Diet Coaching is personalized diet planning tailored specifically for each individual, and includes weekly set goals monitored by weekly email check-ins. Whether you're looking to compete in a bodybuilding competition, run a marathon, or just lose weight, the foundation of your success is always your diet! Whatever your fitness goal is, this service will help you achieve it!

One-on-One Training Sessions

Workout programs on paper mean nothing if the exercises are not being performed properly! To really make improvements in your physique you need the hands-on guidance of a professional to make sure you are using the correct biomechanics to properly engage the intended muscles. This can only be achieved through real-time, one-on-one personal training. Ensure you're maximizing your time and efforts in the gym by booking a training session today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We welcome beginners to train with Baum Squad. However, it is crucial to understand that bodybuilding is an extreme sport. Knowing the reality of the sport’s intensity and extreme nature is important to know before embarking on your first competition prep. Team BSF athletes must fully commit to the regimen of both training and nutrition in order to step on the competitive stage, and we encourage you to speak with Jake about what that entails. Simply put, competition prep is not for everyone – Team BSF succeeds across the nation because our athletes give their preps 110% day in and day out. If you’re ready to commit to following a customized but strict plan, then we’re ready to commit to you.
All online coaching, for both competitors and lifestyle clients, are billed on the first of the month. It is a month-to-month program, with an automatic charge to your credit or debit card on file, and therefore no membership contracts exist. Your first month’s fee will be pro-rated based on the day that you join the team to cover the time until the end of the month. For those suspending their monthly coaching services, the final month will NOT be pro-rated. Your debit or credit card will remain on file and be billed on the first of the month unless you provide notice to our Operations Manager to suspend services. This must be done 5 business days before the 1st of the month. No exceptions apply.
Team BSF prides itself on being an all-inclusive service. Therefore, you pay the monthly rate and you get it all! We do not charge additional fees that are oftentimes common (for example: Peak Week fees, competition fees, or extra coach check-in fees).
Yes! There are Team BSF people representing all over the country. Because our services are online, you can access our coaching staff and your teammates from any corner of the world!
No. While we highly encourage you to take advantage of working with our coaches in person, it is not required that you purchase sessions. For competitors, it is highly recommended to book several training sessions to increase your mind-muscle connection and workout effectiveness.
Every single nutrition and training plan is entirely customized and created for each individual. Everyone has a different body, metabolic capacity, level of strength and endurance, and experience level. Therefore, every detail of your plan is your own. Additionally, our weekly check-ins allow for our coaches to update and make adjustments to your plan to maximize results. All check-ins occur through our athlete portal and will be responded to within 24 hours.
While our coaching staff cannot be at every single show, you have the full support of your coach remotely every day during Peak Week and on Show Day. There are select regional, national, and Pro-level shows that our coaches attend.
Team BSF will connect you with our affiliates who are experts in each area. We recognize our expertise as competition prep coaches for your training and nutrition. But being prepared on Show Day requires you to have a professional spray tan, a competition suit, and various beauty professionals! So, we have business affiliates who we work with exclusively and we will connect you to these individuals. These experts are the best of the best, and always take care of the BSF team. You are never left on your own to figure out the logistics of competing. We’ve got you covered.
If you’ve got a question, we want to hear from you! Reach out to Jake directly by emailing him here. Hhe will take care of you and make sure you’ve got all the information you need.
Jake 'Bossman' Baumgartner

An Actual BSF Competitor

Why should I join Team BSF?

If you’re reading this far, it’s because you’re needing that one last bit of convincing. You’re at a point where it’s “do or die” and we’re here to tell you to DO IT. Now is the time. If you don’t start now, you’ll wonder later what took you so long to get going! Don’t believe us? Check out our Athletes page to hear it from them.

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